Melanie Hundling, PT

Melanie Hundling, a blonde woman in a turqoise long sleeve shirt, standing in the office

Melanie grew up near Lake City and graduated from Southern Cal High School. Melanie graduated high school in 1999, Iowa State University in 2003, and graduated from the University of Iowa Physical Therapy School of Medicine in 2005.

Melanie has been practicing since 2005 in outpatient, nursing homes, and the VA hospital.

She resides with her husband Brice near Breda and their children!



Jennifer Meyer, PTA

Jennifer Meyer, a woman with dark hair in a gray and white shirt, standing in the officeJennifer Meyer is our Physical Therapy Assistant and has been in practice for over 15 years. She works alongside Melanie to offer optimal care for our patient to achieve their health goals!



    Whether you recently injured your wrist, ankle, neck, or back, Matt Reis (Physical Therapist) offers quality physical therapy services tailored to your needs. We understand how injuries in the spine can leave you feeling like you have a kink in your neck that you just can’t work out on your own. In addition to injuries, poor posture or otherwise weak musculature can also cause pain that impacts your ability to complete daily tasks and your quality of life.

    While home remedies, braces, or support bandages may provide temporary relief, we recommend you seek the assistance of a professional. Together, we’ll develop an approach that includes exercises and movements to relieve your pain. No matter the type of pain you have, our physical therapists have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide you with the following:

    • Wrist Pain Relief
    • Back Pain Relief
    • Shoulder Pain Relief
    • Neck Pain Management
    • Knee Pain Relief
    • Foot Pain Relief
    • Arthritis Relief
    • & More

    In addition to treating wrist pain, knee pain, back, and neck pain, our team also has experience treating vertigo to improve poor balance and prevent the unpleasant and sometimes life-disrupting symptoms that can accompany this condition.