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You’ve heard it so many times…there’s no magic bullet for losing weight. But for thousands of health conscious consumers the Ideal Protein method is that and more! The proof is in their successful weight loss and weight maintenance! So what’s the “magic”? Truthfully, it’s not the magic, but the science and uncompromising personal support from a trained coach that makes the Ideal Protein method different than any other weight management system.

The Ideal Protein weight loss method is a medically designed protocol that promotes weight loss, while sparing muscle mass. Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD, PhD, developed the weight loss method in France over 20 years ago. Dr. Chanh, focused his career and research on nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related issues.

The protocol is a 4-phase plan that encourages stabilization of blood sugar levels, while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue.

During all phases, you will receive uncompromising personal support. You will lose weight and learn how to eat smarter. Most importantly, you will learn how to maintain your weight loss to live a healthy lifestyle.

Phase 1: With the support of a trained coach, phase 1 is strictly followed until you reach your desired weight. During phase 1, daily meals include: three Ideal Protein meal replacements, 6-8 ounces of lean protein, and 4 cups of select vegetables.
Phase 2: Transitional phase that lasts about two weeks. During phase 2, daily meals include: two Ideal Protein meal replacements, two meals of 6-8 ounces of lean protein, and four cups of select vegetables.
Phase 3: Focuses on weight loss stabilization. For 14 days, a moderate re-introduction of healthy fats and carbohydrates takes place. 
Phase 4: Maintenance stage. This phase encourages you to use the knowledge you gained through your journey to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. No Ideal Protein foods are required to maintain your weight loss success. Don’t worry! You won’t be on your own! We offer a 12-month Ideal Lifestyle program, with continued private coaching sessions specifically tailored to your needs.

Phase 1-4